Is Buying in Metro Vancouver Worthwhile? Part II – Considerations in Buying Real Estate In Part I of Is Buying in Metro Vancouver Worthwhile, we discuss the importance of a long-term timeline for investing in real estate. This is not to say you should never sell soon after you buy, that is always a possibility and you can make a return on your investment. The long-term timeline, however, represents an increased probability that a longer retention period and your ability to control when you want to sell will more than likely guaranteed a decent return on your investment. In addition to a long-term plan, IRead More →

Is Buying in Metro Vancouver Worthwhile? Part I – Investment Timeline The constant increasing housing costs in the lower mainland has many questioning if it is even worth buying real estate. According to the MLSLink HPI, the average Great Vancouver home in the month of October 2011 was $623,000. The high-end average consists of homes in the Vancouver West area, averaging over $2 million for a detached house. Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows apartments are at the lowest end with an average of $229,600 (1). While, $229,600 sounds reasonable compared to the 2 million for a home in Point Grey, the $229,600 apartment is stillRead More →