There has been a great deal of talk on mortgages lately. Unfortunately, most with negative perspectives. The following headlines have been consuming the mortgage industry over the past couple of weeks: 1. CMHC nearing its 600 Billion government-imposed limits on mortgage default insurance due to portfolio insurance purchases by banks and private lenders on conventional mortgages. 2. Canadian Government concerns about historical low mortgage rates. 3. Lighter standards on some home-equity lines of credit or HELOC and the use of stated income applications. 4. Discussions of lowering the maximum amortization from 30 years to 25 as the government continues to monitor the average household debt.Read More →

Closet designs are constantly over simplified and underutilized. This continues to be an issue with the construction of new homes, condos and townhomes today. Developer’s can cut costs by putting in a basic wire shelf with an adjoining hanging bar, leaving it in the owner’s hands to use ‘as is’ or customize the space to their needs. The common result, owners continue to use the closets ‘as is’ without considering customization. Living in a metropolitan area where the cost per square foot is the highest in the country, it pays to rethink and invest in closet and storage space to make it as useable andRead More →

I recently came across an article in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth online magazine that touched on an area that I believe is incredibly important to the mortgage applicants in Canada and the industry as a whole. Early in my mortgage education I realized that brokers are constantly standing up for the homebuyers in Canada, where as the banks are trying to protect themselves and their money, without fully understanding the homebuyer and their needs. The government and the banks want to eliminate the risks of foreclosures and mismanaged mortgages. Their solution to the problem is to make it more difficult for the public toRead More →

Why not indulge in something that combines a couple of my favourites – chocolate & cake.  So moist, yummy and delicious, this treat makes all the bad stuff melt away. I was given this recipe from a good friend of mine, Becky Roos.  I love and hate her for sharing it, because I try to come up with all kinds of reasons to make it, so I can keep eating more… The Best Chocolate Cake/Cupcakes EVER! Combine: 2 cups white sugar 1 3/4 cup flour 3/4 cup cocoa 2 tsp b. soda 1 tsp b. powder 1/2 tsp salt Add: 2 eggs 1 cup buttermilkRead More →

IBO Home Living Show All Your Home Advice, Under One Roof April 14, 2012 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Richmond Country Club The IBO Home Living Show was created to promote the importance of homeownership.  I believe that the investment in your home is one of the most important investments you can make and I wanted to develop a platform to help people understand their investment more clearly and simply.  Connecting them to the relevant information on the market, the programs and ideas that are available to them now, and introducing them to some of the leading experts in a variety of disciplines.  I wantedRead More →