We have all been on one wild ride whether you know it or not. Perhaps even hitting unchartered territory now. You have likely heard about the rate changes. We have experienced some sizable increases. Mostly for the fixed rates, but also with the variable. In the matter of two weeks we have seen fixed rates make two leaps upwards, each lender landing at a slightly different interval, but overall consumers rates have increased 20 to 50 points higher than the end of June 2017. This was mainly due to the sudden jump in the Canadian Bond rates. Consumers securing mortgages with today’s rates can expectRead More →

PERSONAL SNAP SHOT About: Ela, originally from Montreal married her husband in Switzerland and moved to Coquitlam with their son in 2013. Interests: Outdoor enthusiasts, they enjoy young family fun in our rainy city, doing lots of activities such as skiing and mountain biking. Likes (If you had more time, what would you do more of): Building relationships and being an active part of my community. Loves (can’t live without): Family, they are my everything.  So too is health and having an alert life. BUSINESS BASICS Started as a Financial Consultant in: 2014.  Has over 25 years in fashion retail and small business management. One-pieceRead More →

PERSONAL SNAP SHOT About: Born and raised in Richmond, BC. Eleanor has lived in various parts of the lower mainland including New Westminster, Vancouver and is now living in Coquitlam with her husband and 2-year old daughter, Anneliese. Interests: She has a talent for doing make up. Likes (If you had more time, what would you do more of): More time with her daughter. Loves (can’t live without): Eleanor loves to eat, cook and bake and spends all of her free time with friends and family. BUSINESS BASICS  Started as a Realtor in: late 2016 Specialization: Residential properties in the Tri-Cities, Maple Ridge, and BurnabyRead More →

This is what runs through my mind when I think of what’s happened since October 3, 2016: The federal and provincial governments decided to collect the current mortgage policies and without consultation of all the major players in the industry, bunch them together and crumple them up into a ball.  They then lite a few sticks of dynamite, stuffed them into the middle and ran.  Explosions occurred on repeat leaving pieces of scattered policies, a cloud of First-Time Homebuyer HOME partnership confusion and a thick layer of ash of mortgage programs and competition that has completely vanished.  Lenders, brokers and Realtors left to waft the fumesRead More →

B.C.’s premier has announced the province is lifting the 15 per cent foreign buyers tax for anyone living in Metro Vancouver with a work permit. The move is an effort to encourage people to come to the province. Those who live, work and pay B.C. taxes will now be exempt from the additional property transfer tax. “People who are seeking refuge around the world should be able to find safe haven here in our province. We believe the best and the brightest should be able to come to B.C.,” Clark said during a media scrum at the Chinese New Year parade in Vancouver Sunday…Read more &Read More →