We have since toured Tsawwassen and North Delta for suitable areas for our new family home.  This time, we decided to head South to WhiteRock/South Surrey to see if there was anything of interest.  The entire family was able to make the afternoon adventure with the hope of hitting 11 opens.  We didn’t get every home, but we did get a goods sense of some of the key areas including: WhiteRock, Morgan Crossing and Summerfield. With moving south, there are some great value adds: better cost per square foot, more space and storage, newer build options, community connectedness, access to yards and nearby schools.  However, the negatives were actuallyRead More →

Continuing on our home search, Jack and I headed out to North Delta, our second open house tour since starting in Tsawwassen.  There was only one open house in Sunshine Hills (our top area of interest in North Delta), but it was a really intriguing property.  6667 Carncross Crescent is situated directly across from the Sunshine Hills park and Sunshine Hills Elementary (French Immersion), offering a  8000 sqft lot in an ideal location in well-know family-friendly neighbourhood.  The house it’s self wasn’t boasting with anything exciting.  There have been some updates, but there are still many needed. It is liveable, but the ultimate plan for aRead More →

We have come to that point as a family to start considering a new home. We love where we live.  My husband has a short 7-10 minute drive to work and mine is even less to my Richmond office.  We have great access to the highway that can get us to downtown Vancouver in 25 minutes or we can take the 99 South, 91 East or Knight Street North to get to all corners of the lower mainland within 30-45 minutes.  We’re by a great entertainment complex for swimming, movies, bowling and other activities, plus we drive by the Richmond Country Market for fantastic freshRead More →