Mom2Mom Charity

When I think of my childhood and my home, it’s impossible not to think of my mom.  She was the one that tended to all our needs and managed the household.  She taught us lessons, our manners and the important basics of cooking, eating well, grooming, giving back and being kind to others. Without my mom, it’s hard to think of where I would be today.

In Canada, 21% of single moms are raising their children in poverty.  In Vancouver that number is closer to 50%.

Unfortunately for some mothers, they may not have had the opportunity to have a mom in their lives.  To have had someone to raise and teach them the basics of life.  Some may have had moms, but the resources or the experience of caring, loving and giving nurturing attention did not exist.  Through mentorship, Mom2Mom aims to end the cycle of poverty by building connections and support to the main caregiver of the home so that the rest of the family can prosper with the help of other support programs.

Irene is proud to be focusing her attention to this well-deserving charity and hopes that through promotion and fundraising efforts we can end the cycle of poverty in our community.

About Mom2Mom

Mom2Mom (M2M) was co-founded by a developmental pediatrician, who worked in Vancouver’s inner city schools for over 15 years. During that time she saw that while children were in loving homes, there were huge disparities in the tools they received to foster their success at school and in life. With such an uneven playing field, the likelihood that they would succeed seemed remote.

Through compassionate and respectful mentoring, M2M volunteers help and support mothers to parent their children and provide them with the tools they need to be successful. They pair women who want to help women who can benefit from their mentorship. They provide the basic necessities for their homes and food to feed their families, but mostly they extend kindness and compassion to women who may not have had enough of that. M2M hopes to level the playing field a bit so that resilient, loving mothers can raise healthy children who finish school and go on to lead happy and productive lives.


Mom to Mom’s mission is to improve outcomes for children living in poverty by supporting their mothers through mentorship.


To create a trusting, consistent, reliable and non-judgmental relationship through mentorship